For people who are looking to start a career or those who are launching a business, you need to have an effective and clear way to introduce yourself to potential employers. Of course the elevator speech is going to be very important to grab their attention, but how will you get them to listen?

How will you project your uniqueness to them? This will be your unique selling proposition, but if you aren’t able to come across as being highly unique yourself, you won’t be able to convince other people to work with you. Think of your elevator speech as the kick off to your presentation, as the beginning of your sales process. Who is the target audience for this elevator speech? Form a list of five potential employers and start brainstorming how you’re going to come across to them in a way that they will be interested in working with you. Try to keep your speech on the shorter side, don’t include too many details in it, the most important components are; who you are, what your unique selling proposition is, and who you’re targeting to work with. If you’re trying to get a job as an online marketing coach for small businesses, immediately tell them you are trained in online marketing. First of all, they are not going to want to learn more about you, you’ve already told them what it is so that’s not interesting to them. Instead of you saying you’re a marketing coach, have them ask, ‘who does your company do such and such marketing tactics?’ or ‘who are some of the top marketing coaches in the United States, who do they specialize in target these types of businesses, if you were to train that comprised of such a group of marketing coaches, what would they focus on? Or how do they come to work with you and what do you offer to them within the first 90 days?’ This is the type of question they will be asking, it’s the thing they’re going to be asking you out loud. Then express that you are excited to work with them and if they are interested, give them a date and time you will be available to work together and, if they are not interested, tell them you will be able to come back to them. Be confident, this is telling a completely different story to a completely different audience and it is absolutely the wrong way to introduce yourself to a client.

Now what happens when the above is done, and it all sounds good, how about if you said, ‘I specialize in helping small business owners to implement these techniques and strategies, I have pretty good success statistics with them.’ Sure they will ask you ‘how is that?’ or ‘how well you do that?’ if you’re not able to explain what it is you do that is of value, they will assume you are scrumptious at creating PowerPoint presentations and they will never be convinced, never believe you can be of value to them. For online marketing this rule is nothing new as found in Info Trends article; “If Your Company Doesn’t Have An Online Marketing Strategy, You Do Not Exist”

If you truly think you can’t be different and you don’t believe you can be fully sales yourself, the next Client Attraction method for business owners is to blend these two ideas together: The elevator speech + your specific target market’s needs/ Criteria. This Client Attraction business strategy is not designed to confuse you, rather it is designed to convince others you can be of value to their needs/benefits as well.

It’s easier for your potential client to closed the deal if they are convinced you can add something beneficial to them in the first place. So have a clear answer to this question now, “for what reason will they care about working with me?” Once you have this answer, determine your unique selling proposition: What’s that one thing that has you challenging your potential client, what does that mean to them? That’s what you want to talk about, that one thing which you do that’s going to become the heart of your unique selling proposition. What are some of the red flags they will have in their ways to ensure they appreciate the very important addition to their purchase or to thank them for their consideration? You want to stay on target, don’t stay in the middle, be direct nagapoker you must be ready to answer them. One of the characteristics of a solid business is that it is regularly interacting with its client base, its network, its competition and determining what makes them desire to purchase more of your stuff.