One of the things we frequently run across with people who decide they want to create an e-book or some other type of digital download is not knowing how to make an e-book. They don’t know how to make money selling e-books, since they don’t have anything of value to offer the reader.

Creating an e-book is very different than making any other digital download. Lets look first at some of the things you need to do:

1. Start by taking your e-book and turning it into an .pdf eBook file. There are a few ways to do this. You can write your e-book in Notepad or another text editor program. This will make it difficult for your copy to be read, but it is also important that you use HTML code to link your pages together and that you have adequate space to use your sales page. You can also create your e-book as a PDF file and while this is a good option, you are stealing customers from Adobe Acrobat. You don’t want to do that, so go with the .pdf route.

2. Once you have your e-book created as a .pdf file, you have to make sure that you have an idea of how you want your e-book to look. There a couple of ways to accomplish this. You can try to create what you want in “dream” mode and just design what you want your e-book to be, or you can create a prototype and then edit it as you go along. However, I tend to think more professionally and edit my e-books as they are created normally myself. Most PC users have text editing software like Microsoft Word and they also use a textaware editor to help them make edits to their webpages. For example, I use NoteTab: A high-end text editor with all the bells and whistles. This helps me make quick, precise changes that make sales for me.

3. Once you have created the e-book from your text editor, you can then start the process of generating sales by advertising. However, you can start to make sales even before the prospect opts in to your site by advertising through a well-known numerous sites that sell e-books:

There are many, many sites on which you can find a lot of potential customers for your e-book. The question is, “Where do kudapoker advertise?” You may have your favorite search engine for that but here are four ways you can promote your e-book sales page:

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on advertising for your e-book, you can always promote it by writing articles. Try to write one a day about the subject of your e-book.

Submitting your e-book to online e-book directories is also a good idea.

Explain to other webmasters in your target market why your e-book would be a good marketing gift for their visitors.

Try to get a mention on sites similar to your own that have high content or good traffic. This can be done by mentioning them in your resource box or by allowing them to position a link to your e-book on their site.

Get a mention on sites like torrent sites, video download sites, and file-sharing sites or do link exchanges with other sites that have similar content.

You can in addition, create an e-mail list. Once someone has promised to receive a sample of your e-book, they are more likely to decide to buy it. Emailing several people who have opted in to receive your message about your e-book suggests that you are a plausible source. Also you can in addition create a forum of other people you know. As you help people in your community, they will start to trust you and will visit your store when they have a need.

You can also turn your e-book into an audio version. Audio is a great way to create a high interest product while you are asleep. Some places also allow rebanding your e-book children’s books such as You can also use your children to market your e-book, even create a kids’s e-book of your own and sell it on the again for their family. Keep in mind, as your children get older and curious about e-books, you can keep them on board with your e-book. So the way to look at it is, you will make more sales with your e-book when they are “in the mood” to buy, not when you are chasing an e-book sale.