Who else is desperate to win the lottery? Are you sick and tired of listening to silly strategies recommended by your friends, co-workers or family? Can you think of a million things you’d buy if you had financial freedom and DIDN’T have to work at a 9-5 job for 45 minutes for the rest of your life? If you are anything like the vast majority of people who enjoy our articles on abundance, attraction and manifesting money, the simple truth is that you are desperate to find a way to win the jackpot…and why not? It’s isn’t working out for you and, realistically, you’re looking for some kind of quick fix.

The simple truth is that the lottery is designed for you to lose. That’s the simple truth. It’s LITERALLY a game of chance and your best chance at winning is having the EASY bare facts on your hands…..the numbers are drawn randomly and the bodies of affiliates and websites are designed to make money. Don’t you distrust government run gambling institutions? I’ll tell you why you should trust them with your money…..the people who are in charge of it don’t use it for the people, like you and me, but rather for higher purposes. Games, like lotteries, are intended to be admired and played. You can beat the lottery today, but it’s all over by Saturday evening.

In the meantime, you can do something you can do to improve your chances, or your chances of winning at least a free ticket and a chance to play another lottery drawing. The easiest way to do it is to fledgling in a pattern of your choosing. (though you have to keep in mind that any pattern is statistically useless, and your chances of winning with a given pattern are tiny, so DON’T bother looking…just do it in your head). The BEST way to do it is to get stuck in a logical thinking for a few minutes; like lengths or permutations. This process, called visualization, instills in your mind extremely strong ideas of association and imagination. Once this happens, write the suggestions away and sincerely believe in them. You’ll never know if you’re really thinking what you believe, but if you’re not you’ll believe whatever you say. And, because the mind is so pliable, you might just believe that whatever you WANT happens…even if it shouldn’t.

Personally, I like to imagine different financial scenarios. When I’m eating breakfast, I have three “Data Result Sgp 2022” running in my mind. The first imager is the size of the omelette wheel. How wide is it? How many numbers are on it? (As well as the many other ways to imagine). The second imager is the amount of money I can win if I place one additional bet on red or black…and I place that bet on the same number for one more spin. And the third imager is what happens if that number hits, HOW MUCH I win, and how long it takes for the win to be realized. ( longest being how long it takes for the largest payout to be hit). I like to use the second version, but some people go for the first one. What’s yours, though? What’s your threshold? Do you have to win fairly big before you’re satisfied? (And if you’re really ambitious, how much are you willing to spend to make sure you win)?