You can’t look at the table rules when playing blackjack with discipline. You must know when to press, when to leave and when to bust. Playing blackjack is a competitive game. It’s also a game of streaks. You must be aware of these streaks if you want to win big. Most players go broke because they become distracted, or play Further Down the Road instead of keeping a solid strategy. “Dealer stands on seventeen when there’s an ace on the board.” It’s good advice, but bad play.

The first lesson is to learn the rules. Play only when you are mentally focused. A scattered mind can only concentrate so much before running off to the refrigerator to get a beer. While you may be able to replace lost batting in the time it takes you to write this article, it’s impossible to be mentally focused when the game is going your way. Keep your focus on the cards in front of you, and let everyone else in the casino throw crap at you.

Now let’s say you bust. You’ve lost a significant amount of money. Some people go broke the moment they lose. Others may win a few hands, then lose after a winning streak. If you are going to be in the casino, you want to win, and you want to win quickly. The secret is to fight back against the casinos. Make it expensive for them to play against you, and hit back at them. Try to end the game as quickly as possible.

There’s no magic answer for what to do when you lose, but the fastest and easiest way to lose money is to let it get into your head. If you let it habitually creep into your thoughts, you end up playing your focused game all wrong, and can end up losing a lot of money. When you think about losing, or about certain decisions you have made in a game, you send mixed messages to the one sitting across from you at the table. Your mouth won’t work. Your brain won’t process the message. Suddenly, you’re preoccupied, and your normal game stops.

Take a break. Come back after a short break. That way you’ll refresh your mind and your nerves. Then you can go back and have fun right away.

  • Never play when you’re hung over. You might want to gamble because you are a gambler, not a risk taker. A few glasses of wine to ease your pains, a cigarette to calm your nerves, and an appetite to finish off the night can be very handy in the long run, but it can also make you a little crazy. The person who ended up drinking wine is not a risk taker, but an aggressive one.
  • If you are losing at a certain game, drop the game. It’scerating a streak is a sure way to end up going broke.If you are losing, just pick up your chips and leave the table.
  • Don’t gamble when you are inebriated. People can be inebriated in a live game, but they are twice as dangerous when playing online. Due to the speed of the computer online game and the speed in which money transfers are made, people who drink alcohol are also more likely to engage in risky ventures. The casino knows for a fact that alcohol consumption can cause you to go on “deposit 20 bonus 20“, especially when money is on the line.
  • Gambling can cause you to lose your perspective. When you are gambling, always try to remove your immediate ego from the game. Realize that you are only playing a game and never behave like a typical player. You are always far away from reality, and most likely people will end up going on tilt in the middle of the game. If you want to win, you should always try to step back and think about the game instead of getting caught up in the moment.