The online poker game is now a mainstream gambling entertainment, particularly in the area of America. It has been the conventional game among the land-based casinos but in the last few years, it has been unthinkable to sign on the dotted line with some random company for a specific game. However, the scenario in the recent past has changed with a Bill now being signed by the President offering generous tax incentives to businesses who employ people in the US. This Bill is read by all poker online sites to enable them to operate from the US.

However, not everyone in the poker industry agreed with this Bill, mainly the Las Vegas Casinos. They saw this as a direct attack on their industry and considered moving their operations to other countries considering the Bill might not take effect until such time as the industry grows and matures more. This means that online poker companies will have to brace for an uncertain future as the Act is still under evaluation.

All top online poker sites have already made clear their position on the Bill. Two of the big names are: Full Tilt and Poker Stars. At the latter site, they have already dubbed the Bill as “onerous”, and “terrible” terms could be applied to the proposed legislation.

However, not all poker sites share the opinion that the Bill is unnecessary, and with the recent elections, US poker sites will likely see some positive changes as well. It could very well encourage the state lotteries to be able to operate online to offer their services, which is Additionally a source of tax revenue.

With the election of President Barack Obama as well, there is hope that the otiations will lead to the clearing of the regulations regarding online gaming. It is worth noting that the state of Nebraska is already allowing Dewacasino to be played on the Internet and the state of New Jersey is closer than one to go.

The debate relating to online gaming has yet to be concluded. Some retailers in favour of the Bill have claimed that the incomes generated by online gaming is just recreation that does not need to be considered as work. These types of voices have unfortunately done a great disservice to the many people who rely on online gambling to make ends meet, in particular the orphans and older people who create the majority of online gaming users.

Taking into consideration the fact that a bill like the Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act of 2009 has not been passed, and the fact that no court has ruled on the issue of whether or not the Act trumps the US Wire Act, it is being treated as a bit of a grey area at the moment.

It is terrible that we have a President who appears to be keen on passing legislation to solve some issues, but is very tight when it comes to some others. It seems that he is keen to use the executive privilege to do as he thinks things through, rather than pass legislation through the Congress.

Luckily, there is a little loophole in the law that allows for online gaming companies to be able to operate from within the US. It would face a whole lot of obstacles were it not for the existence of the UIGEA. The main event of the year for poker fans will be the 2008 UIGEA [] but Major League Baseball has started implementing the review process for online gambling games soon.