The first four rounds of the Irish Open were no walk in the park for Allen Cunningham. In fact, the situation was so poor that Cunningham tried to brush it aside and look forward to Friday, trying to shake the dream of a nice win.

It would be wrong to look at the world class player of the past seven years and automatically assume he would be the best player of the Irish Open champions of the future. However, Cunningham has the heart and determination to overcome this and be the first player to bring back his sponsors shell as he prepares for competition in earnest.

My handicapping from last week would have been very different without the input ofisive player John Through the roof on Saturdays as he has shown he can call out BDO handicapping as well as Paul Tenney touch Personally. Tenney is at BDO this week as well.

Through the roof was the only way to figure on picks for the week’s games, other than to take money line advice from anyone. I didn’t have all the time in the world to do the proper researching that would make this a winning week, but I’m still down with the chance to win something on the last hole. The Irish Open was still too early in the season for call rates, but through the roof made for a nice change in the timing.

I had the U.S. to win outright at the British Open at the 11th hour, and that was the case. The players I rooted for weren’t there, but that didn’t matter. I picked almost the same with the European Open, which was as good a reason as any to pick Ireland. They didn’t have the best of records, and I would have made a wager on them, but I didn’t think it could happen.

Euro 2008 is an exciting tournament with 16 players already permitted to compete, and so most of these players at dominobet tournament will have done something to show they are capable of the job. It is thus crucial for punters to assess there important factors to fully assess a player’s chances. I proposed to go through all of the matches of the tournament, on both sides, to see the odds. This is the best method to assess the potential value on a tournament.

The first rule of thumb is to assume that the tournament is influenced mostly by class, rather than the actual players. I stressed this in my last newsletter.

If you see a classy player winning despite being classless on the course, they obviously have some class about themselves and the effect of it on the players of lower classes is negligible. Certainly OSTAK Alliance will have their capacity to score going into the final round. It’s thator NO Tationson a tournament, especially with a start time in hand, it’s very naive to base your predictions on the starting time of a tournament.

The other factor is a players evident ability. I made a WPT final table a while ago on Full Tilt and there was one player there who clearly had the understanding of the game and the class needed to win. He had disciplined himself enough not to follow the crowd. That was enough.

For me the bigger factor is a players consistency. Is he really a Royal Flush every time? If you bet in the right spots you can find a nice stack to compete with.

Class is relative; it’s not something you can accurately measure. But if you can rely on it to win, you know you are doing well. How much offline did he need to win? How many tournaments did he need to win to justify the invite?

It’s OK to rely on your own abilities and your own testing. But you have to rely on a reliable source. And if that’s the case, the more you research, the better.